5 factors to consider when investing in video systems for teacher training and CPD

So you have heard about the benefits of using video systems for teacher training and CPD.

• Teachers can use video for self-review, without the need for an observer or coach.
• Using video eliminates the ‘observer effect’ where the behaviour or response of the students changes because of the presence of the observer.
• The need for lesson cover is removed since videos can be reviewed at any time. This factor alone can easily cover the cost of the system.
• A bank of exemplar videos can be built up for use in future CPD.

When looking for a video system for teacher training and CPD ask the suppliers:

1. Are lesson recordings confidential and secure?
Some systems limit the number of log on names and passwords. This is clearly not a good idea especially when supporting teachers with performance issues!
• Choose a system where recordings are held securely (on network storage or in EU-compliant cloud storage), and where access-permissions are used to ensure who can view each recording is under the total control of the teacher who made it.

2. Can recordings be easily shared?

• Choose a system where recordings are automatically uploaded to secure storage where they can be view from any computer with internet access (so long as permissions have been granted – see point above!).

3. Does the system work with a range of cameras or does it need expensive equipment?
Some systems require expensive cameras, which must be purchased from the supplier. Others will only work with a small range of cameras and microphones.
• Choose a system which will work with a wide range of low cost web cams, digital cameras, IPads, IP cameras.

4. Is the system cost-effective when scaled-up to many users or classrooms?
Some systems look like good value when considering a small number of observations. But how much it will it cost if every teacher was to regularly use the system? The cost of additional dedicated computers, special cameras, or teacher licences can all add up to some staggeringly large sums.
• Choose a system which will work with low-cost equipment and your existing equipment, and where every teacher has their own licence.

5. Can the system be used for other recording tasks?
Whilst it can appear good to have a system dedicated to teacher training this can mean they are limited when you wish to share recordings outside of the school or use the recording system for other tasks
The latest teacher training systems can also be used by Teachers to create their own video course work for pupils to access for flipped classrooms or record an entire lesson for the students to access for revision. The latest video systems can be used to create video lessons for flipped classrooms and can be used to record lessons which can then be used by pupils for revision. Some systems even allow pupils to upload videos as part of their homework or submission of evidence as requires in A level PE.
• Choose a system where every teacher has a licence (otherwise certain teachers will miss out on the opportunity to use the system.)
• Choose a system that can grow as your requirements grow, providing students recording of lessons for revision is common place in Universities as it improves grades, schools can benefit in just the same way.
• Choose a system which works with low-cost cameras this will allow multiple lessons to be recorded at the same time.
• Choose a system that can record the screen directly, this provides useful lesson recordings for students to access for revision and allows teachers to creat flipped classrooms.
• Will the system support live broadcast of lessons and key events in the school and provide controlled access

So what now?
We believe that Lesson Recorder offers the best video systems for teacher training and CPD given the number of features it offers.

Almost half the UK Universities are now using this system for teacher training and for students to access for revision, it is now available to primary and secondary schools and offers a serious challenge to the existing video CPD systems.
We’d love to show you the ease of use and flexibility of Lesson Recorder, and discuss the process of implementing it in your school or college.

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