Automatic notation & search function

Today we are very pleased to announce  a product update enabling automatic notation and search functionality when using our lesson recording system.
The majority of lesson observations last 30-60 minutes in this time a lot of topics can be covered and discussed with a class. Often our users find that a basic search will only help them find a specific video. It doesn’t help them find the key points in the video where their search term actually appears.
In 2014 we launched time linked notes to enable detailed ‘bookmarks’ or time linked notes  to be added at key points in the lesson.
Today we are proud to announce that we have added the latest in Smart Search functionality.
This feature records in writing the teachers spoken words and also converts words that are on a powerpoint, computer screen or electronic whiteboard into searchable text.
The more video your school captures, the greater the need for a video search engine that indexes the actual content inside videos. With today’s announcement, we’re helping users speed up the process of reviewing lessons.
For more information about Lesson Recorder and how it can help improve the teaching process please request a demo through our website today