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How A Music Student Uses Video To Enhance His Studies

We recently shared a multi-camera video of University of Chichester MA Performance student Luke Hawkins playing the piano from a range of angles. We caught up with Luke to find out more about how he has been using Video to enhance his studies in music.    Music students using video to enhance Teaching and Learning    

When looking for a video system for teacher training and CPD ask the suppliers:

When looking for a video system for teacher training and CPD ask the suppliers: 1. Are lesson recordings confidential and secure? Some systems limit the number of log on names and passwords. This is clearly not a good idea especially when supporting teachers with performance issues! • Choose a system where recordings are held securely (on network […]

The ‘Video from every angle’ Conference 2016:  is coming up this week. The team is very much looking forward to welcoming you to the event. To ensure you have all the details you need in the run-up to the conference, please read the following information. The event is taking place on Wednesday 09 November 2016. Registration […]

5 factors to consider when investing in video systems for teacher training and CPD

So you have heard about the benefits of using video systems for teacher training and CPD. • Teachers can use video for self-review, without the need for an observer or coach. • Using video eliminates the ‘observer effect’ where the behaviour or response of the students changes because of the presence of the observer. • The need for lesson […]

Automatic notation & search function

Today we are very pleased to announce  a product update enabling automatic notation and search functionality when using our lesson recording system. The majority of lesson observations last 30-60 minutes in this time a lot of topics can be covered and discussed with a class. Often our users find that a basic search will only […]