Student Revision

As well as recording lessons for teacher training why not make the best use of the investment and provide lesson recordings for the students. The software is designed to capture all that happens in a lesson including everything on the whiteboard and in powerpoint. The lesson can be viewed live or later on any internet enabled device and students can access their learning material at any time and anywhere.

Benefits include;


Students who have missed a lesson, or who wish to strengthen their understanding in a particular area are able to go back and review a lesson on their own computer, in their own time, without taking up any staff time. In other words a “second Bite of the Cherry”. Grades will improve if you provide this functionality to students.

Distance Learning.

Students can log on from anywhere and at anytime to watch lessons either live or recordings. They can also add their own time linked notes.

Students who are unable to attend class

Students that are unable to attend the class can view the lesson live or recorded either from another room within the school or  from home. If the student is unable to attend school they could still log on and view the lesson as it happens.

 Students create their own videos

A good way for a student to learn a topic is for the student to be given the task of making a presentation on it, incorporating within the session PowerPoint presentations and the like.  Students can then either in front of the class, or privately, present their own video for perhaps five or 10 minutes. This video can also be submitted as coursework.

Live broadcast of lessons. 

By simply ticking a box on the screen  your lesson can be broadcast live to the world! A frightening thought for most teachers but imagine being able to share your best lesson around the world or perhaps a keynote speaker attends the school and you want to share this with other schools its very easy to do with Lesson Recorder. We have a music teacher who provides the lesson at one school and other invited schools can also view the lesson.

The morning assembly can also be broadcast live, so that those not able to attend the assembly can view  in nearby rooms, this can even be extended to parents watching outside of school.

Revising the whole approach to classroom teaching

The ability to provide lessons online allows a total re-thinking of the nature of teaching and learning in school.  While many schools will use the system to provide revision material and a foundation for reviewing lessons that have been taught, there is no reason why some lessons are not flipped  and the class watch the lesson prior to the lesson and  use lesson time for more proactive discussions.

Best Practice

A school delivers hundreds of lessons each year, without lesson recording all this creative teaching  is lost!  Wouldn’t it be great if you could save all the good lessons or parts of lessons for future use to improve best practice, outstanding lessons can be referenced  in future years and built upon rather than having to start from scratch.

Special Educational Needs

With the ability to pause the recording students can revise at their own pace, this can be very helpful for students with special needs. It has also be found to be useful for students where English is their second language.

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