A video based professional development teacher training tool to enable teachers to learn, analyse and practice

A video based teacher training tool to enable teachers to learn, analyse and practice for professional development.

Lesson Recorder is available for teachers to refine and hone their teaching skills and professionally train themselves to excel in their teaching careers. It is a video based teacher training tool through which teachers will be able to:

  • Practice teaching
  • Analyse their performance
  • Contribute towards training other teachers
  • Share their learning and teaching experiences with an extensive teachers’ community

Lesson Recorder not only helps in teacher training to enable teachers to teach better, but it also provides them with a medium to interact with other teachers and share each other’s experiences to maximise their exposure and be able to learn more.

Lesson Recorder for Students

Lesson Recorder does not only serve as a tool for teacher training and learning, but its utility extends to help out students as well. It is today being used by more than 25,000 teachers who are willing to use Lesson recorder to benefit their students. They use it to record lessons for their students to facilitate their learning.

With latest studies suggesting that providing student with recorded lesson are to improve their grades by 15%, Lesson Recorder can be really helpful for ensuring that student are able to grasp more information while teachers may feel content at seeing the improvement in the performance of their students.

What We Do?

We facilitate teacher training through providing teachers with an interactive and advanced learning platform. Increasing the usability of Lesson Recorder, we also strive to make learning easier for students through this video based learning tool, primarily developed to support teacher training.

How Lesson Recorder Works?

We incorporate modern technology with teacher training competencies of the trainers, to develop new facilities for effect learning and training of teachers.

What Do We Offer?

  • Live broadcast of learning sessions
  • Recorded lessons
  • Ability to rewind and view a recorded lesson as many times as required, for better learning. This may particularly help teachers and students having language barriers.
  • Large database for teacher training and learning material

We are a dedicated team of experts who acknowledge and value the importance of research in learning. Therefore, we have developed Lesson Recorder, to provide you with our continuous support to enhance your teaching skills and facilitate learning among teachers, as well as, students. Hence, we aim to mark new developments and innovations in the fields of teacher training and student learning.

Through Lesson Recorder, better learning and training is not the only objective that we aim to achieve. Accelerated learning is another aspect that we plan to provide our support to. With the establishment of an extensive learning database and a modern learning and teacher training tool, quick and better learning may no more be a problem for the students and the teachers.

Lesson Recorder is a milestone that has the potential to revolutionise the concept of teacher training and academic learning in schools, in the longer run. Though, it was initially introduced to facilitate teacher training but it has the potential to grow and be employed as a tool for holistic learning in schools. Contact for a free trial.